Plazaplus Festival 14.15.16 jan. 2010

Explorations in media-art and live performance.

Plazaplus is an international art festival that focusses on emerging and established artists, musicians and filmmakers. Presenting new collaborations, special projects and performances of all kinds, Plazaplus is an event that you will have to experience live!

Haushka’s Ghost Piano show in collaboration with filmmaker Jeff Desom, is a unique commisioned project by Plazaplus. Artist in Focus of this second edition is Sophie Clements. Sophie will show her mesmerising awarded piece ‘Evensong’ and will perform live with her band. Italian artist Quayala presents STRATA2, a cinematic and surreal installation work. Natures is an audiovisual performance that explores the relation between nature and technology, performed by Quayola with Mira Calix and Oliver Coates. Recoil performs an interactive dance piece with motion-detection technology and stunning organic movements. Other curiosities such as Francien van Everdingen, Ilan Katin, Raquel Meyers& Goto80 and Culture TV are not to be missed either. Hans Beekmans will be sharing his thoughts about the history of Live Cinema, and a special screening-programme. The best of Optofonica’s live cinema is to be experienced every day in a one hour screening. Last but not least, there will be live music in the cafe every night, and the Sjansmachine will be able to let you make new friends for life, if you’re up for some serious fun!



Plazaplus Festival is a festival program focussing on new media and interdisciplinary art to presents a multitude of innovative artistic explorations by emerging international artists. Plazaplus is curated by Gieske Bienert & Wiepko Oosterhuis [Plaza Futura] with guest-curator Olga Mink.

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