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Raquel Meyers (1977) is a Spanish videoartist who often makes use of low-res graphics or pixelart to create surrealistic images in a dark atmosphere. She created video-clips, and vj sets for prominent chipmusicians, including Glomag en Bubblyfish. She also collaborated with electro/noise acts Rubeck and Tubular Bells, and was participator in Entter (2000-2007), a platform for new media, art and design. Her work is also characterised as densely layered, cute-brut. She is probably one of the most consistent pixelartists of the moment. Currently she brings her audience confusion and pleasure with het work with very different artforms. During PlazaPlus, she shares the stage with Goto80, a Swedish composer of eclectic 8-bit music with elements of Surfpop, Blues, Drum ’n Bass, Jazz and ballads.


Can you introduce yourself?

My name is Raquel Meyers. I’m a spanish video artist based in Berlin.

What is your background?

My background is photography. I started with black and white 35mm films when I was 16 years old and mading experiments in lab with differents technics. Later that, I started with computers and video. I don’t have academic studies, just learn by myself.

How would you describe your work?

Spam visuals for demolition times, surreal imagery and eerie atmospheres.

How did you get involved with performing live visuals?

Working with musicians as Rubeck (es) and Goto80 (se). My first live set was in 2005 with Rubeck in MID_E festival in the Basque country.

Where do you get your inspiration?

My inspiration comes from movies, music, comics and books.

Can you explain about the interaction between sound and image in your performance?

The interaction is in manual mode, based in a flash aplication who included all the visual content and scripts.

Does technology influence your work and aesthetics?

I grow up with video games, arcade machines and TV console. I had my first computer with 18 years old and my first digital photo camera with 27 years old. The technology made my work easy but I still work using other things as analog cameras, photocopys or just a pen and a blank paper.

How do you feel about the increased use of digital tools by artists? Is technology overrated?

Is just an election, for me it’s just a tool, the really important thing is the content. The technology is just the way you find to express what you want.

What is the best performance you have ever seen?

Gangpol & Mit, the perfect combination between visuals and music.

Can you recommend a must-see film or book to read?

“Arde Babilonia” from Roger Wolfe or “The Logic of Sense” from Deleuze, and about films,
one of my favourite’s is “Stalker” from Andrei Tarkovsky.

Watch her video Tubular Balls


An interview for Plazpalus festival 2010, by Olga Mink


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