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CultureTV is an initiative of the Target Foundation. Marjan van Mourik, former gallery-owner and founder of Target Foundation: “With CULTURETV we are meeting the current needs of the internetuser and creative peoples. The content is available via internet 24/7. At the same time we are creating a platform with interesting possibilities for artists, gallery-owners, art lovers a.o. Collaborating with curators and art institutions around the world, we work to develop on- as well offline projects and exhibitions dealing with contemporary issues.” Culture TV has been invited to curate a screenings-programme for Plazaplus festival 2010.

Can you introdruce yourself?

Since ten year I’m (founder) director of the Fundacion PAZ-Holandesa, a charity for Peruvian Children, which supplies free medical help.
I’m influenced by a lot of things, experiences of life, philosophy especially by the French philosopher Michel de Montaigne (1533-1592) and realizing trough the years that not every human being  has the same opportunities, chances in life.

What is your background?

My background is rather diverse. I started as operation nurse, meanwhile I studied art history, which resulted in opening an art gallery and artpromotioncompany in the eighties. Unfortunately I had to close down in 1993 due to the economic crisis. But after sometime I wanted to start again something but not directly in the art-business, or to be more precise something commercial. I wanted to give my energy to those who don’t have a chance and I found that in Peru, which is just a matter of coincidence.

What do you do for a living?

Like I said I’m director of PAZ-Holandesa in Arequipa, Peru, where we’re doing (medical) projects and building our own children hospital.

why did you get involved in promoting art on the net?

Since 1994 I’m very interested in the possibilities of the net and it is a perfect way for me to combine two worlds, not only the world of charity and art, but also the Western world, where I’ come from and the Latin world where I’m living and working in right now.
The great thing about the net is, that it isn’t related where you’re located and you don’t need a physical space.

When and how did you start with cultureTV?

I started Culturetv in 2006, after experimenting with an online gallery. But trough the upcoming new possibilities of making art, by using software, making videos, my interest went that way, a new generation of artists with a new platform to promote their work, totally independent from the traditional art world.

What art(ist) inspires you most, and why?

Also in art I’m very divers, all contemporary art from paintings to new media-art inspires me, as well a lot of artists famous and not famous, for instance Sigmar Polke, Frida Kahlo, Ben Rubin, Olafur Eliasson, just to some names, because my list is rather endless.

Did moving to another continent change your view on art? why?

No not really, however I’m more interested in Latin-American artists then before. Especially those who make video-art or new media.

What are your ambitions for the future?

My ambitions are to transform Culturetv more and more in an art promoting business, developing Culturetv offline screening programs, exhibitions and who knows a festival.

Can you recommend a must-see film or  book to read?

I have a whole list of must-see films or books, but  the last book I red is really a must read book Her name was Sarah by Rosnay.

Can you explain your ideas behind the selected programme for plazaPlus festival?

My idea behind the selected programme for plazaPlus festival is to show the diversity in the area of contemporary video-art.


an interview by  Olga Mink for Plazaplus festival 2010.


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